About Us

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El 11 is the result of its owner's passion for gastronomy, culture and a sophisticated, fun vision and a rogue point of the world. In short, an epicurean.

Our host aspires to convey his culinary and vital experiences through a varied, original menu, constantly evolving and committed to product quality.


Some things seem happily predestined.


We take our name from the location of the premises, at number 11 Fernando VI street.

A proudly traditional area: dynamic, vital and trendy.


El 11th is also our host's date of birth.

If it is also yours, we will offer you a delighted aperitif and we will toast together to our health.


Finally, February 11, 1990 is a date of special significance for us.

That day, Nelson Mandela was released after spending 27 years in prison. It was the beginning of the end of apartheid in South Africa, the racial segregation that differentiated between people according to the color of their skin.


Our experiences are shaping who we are and how we open ourselves to the world.

The 11 embraces equality and diversity in a cosmopolitan key. But to understand how important Madiba really is to us ... you'll have to come to El 11 and see for yourself.


Our Kitchen

At El 11 we have the kitchen open noon-stop, in case you fancy having breakfast at 12h. or dinner at 18h.


We are especially proud of our Brunch, which we offer throughout the day. Delicious classics with international touches.


Our cuisine is Franco-Spanish market fusion, with priority of local and proximity products.